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Paving the way for your business to open up the world. Dutch Export Solutions supports environmental technology and manufacturing companies. With strategic & commercial advice, aiming for revenue growth and the practical implementation. 

With a tailored, proven on-/offline ‘agile’ acquisition approach. No high start-up costs or extensive reports. And if you are looking for opportunities in Europe from a hub in The Netherlands, Dexss can also support you. With 15 years of international (sub)corporate and SME-experience. Let’s talk business and …

Challenges in doing business internationally

Who doesn’t recognize it: for all kinds of reasons there can be a barrier doing (more) business abroad. Either selling as such is considered quite difficult, or sometimes we are just a little too modest. Anyway, hiring a truly experienced international sales manager is ‘expensive’. Apart from extra employment benefits and additional costs. So, is it financially already possible? Where to start?

Cut the traditional sales process

We are guaranteed to make contact with potential customers and/or other relevant parties after a short time. Without high start-up costs, this approach provides a strong base for new international contacts.

Why it works

Being at home in both the worlds of technology and environment. Also familiar with prototyping, proofs of concept, validations, product laun-ches, project management. And as entrepreneur, a lot of experience with (end)customers, intermediaries and dealing with other cultures. 

Results and follow-up

The first direct contacts have been made, including first-line follow-up and transfer. Already in the preparation it was jointly listed what will be further addressed in the follow-up. By yourself, your team or partly with input from outside. It’s all up to you.

Cut the traditional sales process

This ‘agile’ approach will provide a strong base for new contacts, export and international growth. Without high start-up costs.

Waarom het werkt

Ervaring telt met technische produkten en diensten verkopen aan (eind)klanten en tussenpartijen ‘dichtbij’ huis en aan het buitenland met andere culturen. Thuis in de sectoren milieu en techniek. 


Vooraf is geïnventariseerd wat na de eerste kennismaking met prospects verder opgepakt wordt. Door jou zelf, je (export) team en/of met advies en ondersteuning van buiten.

‘Contacting potential customers is really easier than you can imagine

About Dexss

Dutch Export Solutions has experience in Europe with a.o. the U.K., Belgium, France, Germany, the Alpine countries, with the Middle East in a.o. Saudi Arabia, the US, in South-East Asia including India, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Taiwan. Knows the environmental sector, the manufacturing and supply industry, waste processing and the process industry (oil & gas, raw materials, basic chemicals). Also has a large network of specialists where and when needed. 


Hans Marcuse about air & water monitoring equipment being tested prior to delivery abroad – photo RTLZ TV Business Series ‘How it’s done’ | Vimeo.com Baro183 afl. 12 


“During his time as managing director of Synspec B.V. I got to know Hans Marcuse as an extremely active, goal-oriented manager who was not afraid to leave the well-trodden path in the interests of the company in order to pursue new, success-oriented paths. He integrated the existing wealth of experience into his ideas and developed new market strategies from them in order to position the company with its products in the best possible way. “

Ingolf Kahl, managing director of EAS Envimet Deutschland GmbH, salespartner of Synspec in Germany

“I first met Hans at Synspec in Groningen where he led the drive to develop new export markets for the company’s analysers in Europe, the Middle East, USA and Asia. Hans is skilled in strengthening product portfolios. He has a sharp understanding of the mind-set needed to tackle new markets. And I’m impressed by his knowledge of international markets and the intricacies involved when approaching them. His new venture Dutch Export Solutions will be invaluable for any tech company based in the Netherlands wishing to broaden their export horizons.”

Sean Fitzpatrick, Corporate & Visual Communications Consultant, The Netherlands

“Während seiner Jahre als Geschäftführer von Royal Tichelaar fand ich in Hans einen sehr inspirierenden und unterstützenden Manager, um meine Ziele als internationaler Geschäftsentwickler zu erreichen. Hans hat die Bedürfnisse und Herausforderungen der verschiedenen internationalen Märkte verstanden und die Mitteln erschafft, um unsere Produkte bestmöglich zu präsentieren.”

Hilco Vos, international business developer Royal Tichelaar, Die Niederlande

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