International perspective with your own course

As a business partner, Dutch Export Solutions helps entrepreneurs and companies with:
– opening up new (foreign) markets;
– making the first direct contacts;
– the evaluation and transfer thereof.

After this, the various options are discussed without obligation for the follow-up and you determine yourself what else you think should be necessary:

Further exchange of information with prospects

After the first contacts . . . . . .
After the 1st-line communication with new contacts about brochures of your company, extra information, etc. What they need for a closer acquaintance with your company.

Preparation client visits, exhibitions, sem/webinars

Determine content . . . . . .
Support with the content and message of banners, data sheets and composition of other material.

Commercial negotiation support

Determine position . . . . . .
Support in a broad sense prior to the preparation of quotations and / or the first delivery: delivery conditions, logistics / Incoterms, technical servicing on site, usefulness or necessity of manuals and / or specs, training, pricing, guarantees, etc.

Visits to clients/exhibitions & conducting sem/webinars

Specific representation . . . . .
Visiting fairs once or temporarily as part of your team, attending fairs or leading sem/webinars. Always after an internal introduction by you in advance.

Sales representation and examination on site

Reconnaissance . . . . . .
For a certain period of time acting remotely or on site as your sales representative. Every moment of contact (by e-mail, telephone or on site) is always fed back by means of short minutes of meeting or visit report.

Business coaching, hiring and (financial) participation

Sparring about . . . . . .
Reflecting on business questions such as making your company more future-proof, recruiting key officers or, for example, selling a minority share in your company.

Checks of contract terms and conditions

Never skip this . . . . . .
To (help) draw up principles, draft contract conditions and assess supply agreements.

Liason foreign companies for NL-business/EU-hub

Accelerating . . . . . .
Looking for Dutch sales channels? Or a hub for Western Europe? Get in touch about exactly what you want.

What you can do yourself when preparing

See what . . . . . .
Preparation is key. It helps if you ‘happen to’ know a party in the country already to which you want to export, preferably someone who has knowledge of your product.
In addition, the Rijksdienst voor ondernemend Nederland ( can do something for you with contacts via embassies and consulates. Or, for example, with the Dutch-foreign Chamber of Commerce, present in many countries. As a rule, they draw benevolently from their networks, possibly for a small fee. Moreover, you can handle all this yourself.
And if you are affiliated with it, network organizations such as the World Trade Centers, Water Alliance, VNO-NCW, MKB-Nederland, VMO and others can also deploy their networks.

It is also advisable to read up on local customs.

Doing business abroad has never been so "close"

Read why . . . . . .
You can of course also steer “coincidence” a bit. The added value of Dutch Export Solutions is:

  • that direct contact is already being made from our country with local parties;
  • these are guaranteed to be related to your field of business;
  • the lines are short, possibly also outside office hours;
  • a lot of work is taken off your hands, without having to monitor it yourself;
  • still keeping our fingers on the pulse with a proven approach.

Manageable costs without surprises

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Make international contact at a fixed rate. For only a fraction of the costs that you would otherwise have had for expanding your sales department and in-depth (market) studies.
Only when transactions are realized from the leads Dutch Export Solutions shares a limited period by means of a simple fee: a small percentage of the extra turnover. Clear and without hassle.
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