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As business partner, Dutch Export Solutions helps entrepreneurs and companies with:

  • opening up new (foreign) markets 
  • making direct contacts
  • evaluation and transfer thereof

An inventory was made in advance of what is further addressed in the follow-up after the first meeting with prospects. By yourself, your (export) team and/or with advice and support from outside.

Further information exchange with prospects

After the first contacts . . . . . .
After the 1st-line communication with new contacts about brochures of your company, extra information, etc. What they need for a closer acquaintance with your business.

Preparation of client visits, exhibitions, sem/webinars

Determine content . .
Support with content and messages of banners, data sheets and composition of other commercial communication.

Commercial support during negotiations

Determine your position . . . . . . .
Support in a broad sense prior to the preparation of quotations and / or the first delivery: delivery conditions, logistics / Incoterms, technical servicing on site, usefulness or necessity of manuals and / or specs, training, pricing, guarantees, etc.

Visits to clients/exhibitions & conducting sem/webinars

Representation . . .
Visiting fairs once or temporarily as part of your team, attending fairs or leading sem/webinars. Always after an internal introduction in advance.

Vertegenwoordiging en/of kwartier maken

Reconnaissance . . . . . .
For a certain period of time acting remotely or on site as your sales representative. Every moment of contact (by e-mail, telephone or on site) is always fed back by means of a short conservation or visit report.

Sales representation and examination on site

Reconnaissance . . . . . .
For a certain period of time acting remotely or on site as your sales representative. Every moment of contact (by e-mail, telephone or on site) is always fed back by means of a short conversation or visit report.

Business coaching, hiring and (financial) participation

Sparring about . . . . . .
Reflecting on business questions such as making your company more future-proof, recruiting key officers or, for example, selling a minority share in your company.

Checks of contract terms and conditions

Never skip this . . . . . . .
The (help) drafting of principles, draft contract conditions and the assessment of delivery agreements.

Liason foreign companies for NL-businesses / EU-hub

Accelarating . . . . . . . .
Looking for Dutch sales channels? Or a hub for Western Europe? Get in touch about exactly what you want.

What you can do preparing yourself

  • use of own network
  • chambers of commerce
  • network organizations
  • SIB-coaching procedure
See what . . . . . .
It helps if you ‘coincidentally’ already know a party in the country to which you want to export. Preferably one who has knowledge of your product.

In addition, the Dutch ‘Rijksdienst voor ondernemend Nederland’ ( can do a lot with contacts through the embassies and consulates. Or, for example, with the Dutch-foreign Chambers of Commerce, present in many countries. As a rule, they benevolently draw on their networks, possibly for a small fee.

If you are a member, also network organizations such as the World Trade Centers, Wateralliance, VNO-NCW, MKB-Nederland, VMO and others can use their networks for you.

And for free export advice, you can participate in a SIB program (Starters International Business). This is offered by many agencies and intermediares.

Finally an open door. Read up on the available information about doing business in the country or region you want to go to, the local customs, etc. Online most of this information is easy to find.

Doing business abroad has never been so "close"

Read why . . . . . .
You can of course also steer “coincidence” a bit. The added value of Dutch Export Solutions is:

  • that direct contact is already being made from our country with local parties;
  • these are guaranteed to be related to your field of business;
  • lines are short, possibly also outside office hours;
  • a lot of work is taken off your hands, without having to monitor it yourself;
  • still keeping our fingers on the pulse with a proven approach.

Manageable costs without surprises

Read more . . . . . .
Making international contact at a fixed rate. For only a fraction of the costs that you would otherwise have had for expanding your sales department and/or in-depth (market) studies.
Only when transactions are realized from contacts where Dutch Export Solutions was involved, Dexss receives a small variable fee for a limited period of time. Clear and no hassle.
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