Making contact abroad differently  

Dutch Export Solutions helps to build bridges, lower barriers, overcome hurdles and open doors, worldwide. Bringing your company to the right attention. By being a bit unconventional and less modest: ‘be good and tell it’. From the strength of your company.

‘Contacting potential customers is really easier than you can imagine’.

Introducing you directly

After a short and intensive preparation, we will present your company directly.

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And in this way establish direct contact with potential customers and business partners. Always with the right tone of voice and focused on the longer term.

Every time you are amazed how curious the other is about your company and solutions‘.

Why working together with Dexss?

Because it counts to be at home in both the world of technology and the environment. Be familiar with prototyping, …

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… proofs of concept, validations, product launches and project management. Knowing what it takes to be distinctive with technology and being able to value (the creation of) a head start through innovations.

And as an entrepeneur having a lot of experience with international (end) customers and organizations, with intermediaries and bridging cultural differences.