How it works: ‘make a bigger cake’

A way of thinking. A conscious choice to realize more sales in other applications or regions, such as abroad. Continuity or growth in existing markets is not self-evident. (Too) much reliance on this hinders insights into what new customers want. About what distinguishes your company and which paths can be taken even more.

What makes your company (internationally) distinctive? Or would like to be? Where are new opportunities for growth?

Cut the traditional sales process …

And speed up this process. This prevents high start-up costs with already too detailed (marketing) plans or an early expansion of your sales department. For a fraction of these costs, we first make direct contact with potential customers or other interesting parties in a relatively short time…

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… based on predefined customer profiles. After an intensive preparation in which -free of charge- we jointly discuss your company, market strategy, product portfolio and more. Fast and careful at the same time.

… and stay agile: 3 advantages

There is nothing against an extensive market analysis or a sound export plan. Another proven -and more direct- approach is to make the export process itself more flexible, more agile.

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Such as working agile in IT and in an increasing number of technology sectors over the years. With this responsive approach you are already further in the process after a short time. Because reactions from the market to our first contacts (can) directly influence the next step.

Furthermore, you keep the deployment of people and resources under control from the start. As a result of which you instead incur a lot of costs in advance, you determine now ‘on the road’ -and therefore more specifically- if, where and when you want to do this.

And above all you remain agile. So that, without losing sight of your goals, you continue to look at market opportunities with an open mind. Even if they were not stated in a plan beforehand…



‘Direct acquisition with a proven approach’